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Do you feel like someone is watching you?  Is information or your whereabouts reaching other people who aren’t supposed to get to know of it? These are situations which needs to be investigated ASAP as it shows that someone somewhere is watching on you.

There are many reasons why Bugging Devices are installed, and some of the most common reasons are:

  • A person who is trying to monitor your behaviour
  • A family member wanting to eavesdrop
  • A unfriendly neighbour wanting to be noisy
  • A business partner who wants to control you
  • Companies who want to keep an eye on employees
  • A person who may be stalking you
  • An ex-partner or partner who’s spying on you

Regardless of the situation and regardless of who placed the Bugging Devices, the feeling that someone is always watching your every movement and listening to your every word is not pleasant and can cause emotional harm and stress. We are happy to offer our bug sweep services to you for the best price we can.

Why do I need a Bug Sweep Service? What might I find?

There are many types of Bugging Devices available and here are some of the most common being used:

Acoustic Bugs:

These types of Bugging Devices are one of the most basic types of bugs available. What makes these devices so popular is how affordable they can be and how discreet they are. Your home or office could be full of these Bugging Devices and you would not suspect a thing. Nine times out of ten, these are the types of Bugging Devices we find when undertaking our Bug Sweep Service.

Ultrasonic / VHF Bugs:

These types of Bugging Devices are well known for their ability to transform the sounds it captures into audio signals. The signal cannot be recognised by a human ear and so making it impossible to detect. Once the sound is transmitted it converts back into an audio file which becomes simple to listen to. The Bug Sweep Service we offer is substantial enough to remove all of this, no problem.

Radio Frequency Bugs:

These types of Bugging Devices are one of the most common types of bugs. They use a transmitter that is able to capture the sound which then transmits the same sound to where the listener is located. Because of their commonality, our bug sweep service is specially tuned to discover and remove this one extremely quickly.

Optical Bugs:

These types of Bugging Devices can change the sound in a form of an optical pulse.  It then transfers the pulse, records it and then sends it through the recording. Our Bug Sweep Service will easily discover the source of these devices and eliminate them for your benefit.

At SPYLAB we are pleased to offer debugging services for businesses and Individuals. Our services includes sweeps done in offices, houses, vehicles and communication devices like mobile phones.

If you suspect that your offices, house, vehicle or cell phone might be bugged or under other electronic surveillance, call from somewhere else or use another phone other than using these premises, vehicle or cell phone  devices until they have been checked by TSCM technicians.

Arranging an effective TSCM sweep

Risk assessment and strategy

We will work with you to determine the scope of the surveillance threat and work out a strategy for dealing with anything we find.


Our technicians are discreet — they arrive with unmarked vehicles, equipment and uniforms and for businesses we prefer to operate on your premises after hours.

We recommend you don’t tell anyone we’re coming and that you give our team an escort. We will suggest a cover story that explains our presence to anyone still on site.


How long it will take to sweep your premises will depend on a number of factors — primarily the size of your office and our joint assessment of the scope of the threat. Expect us to take anything between two and six hours.


We use a range of high-spec equipment to detect sophisticated devices that might be active at the time of the TSCM sweep. Every job has its own requirements in terms of equipment and approach, which is why we always form a plan before arriving.


Get in touch with us today and speak with our friendly TSCM Technicians.

Contact us 087 510 1993 / 061 535 4848 or alternatively send an email to info@spylabsa.co.za and one of our technicians will get back to you within 24 hours.


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